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Sound Oasis S-560-03 Sleep Sound Therapy System White Noise Generator & Alarm

Sound Oasis sound machines are used in hospitals, clinics and in homes around the word to help people fall asleep easier, experience higher quality sleep and provide relief from tinnitus

This machine allows you to design your own tranquil acoustic environment
Promotes concentration and relaxation in a busy home, noisy office, or a hotel room

Helps You Sleep and relax easier
Natural sounds are a proven, healthy sleep aid

6 Built-in Professional quality authentic nature sounds
  • Ocean Surf
  • Stream
  • Rain
  • White Noise
  • Summer Night
  • Wind

  • Features
  • World's only sound card technology for adding more sounds (not included)
  • Note: Uses SC-250 series sound cards only (see below)
  • Jumbo alarm clock with buzzer or nature sounds alarm
  • 4 position auto shut off timer: Plays sound continuously or auto shutoff gently after 30, 60 or 90 minutes
  • Time Display not back lit so your bedroom stays Dark to improve sleep quality

  • Memory button repeats last sound experience
  • Headphone/speaker jack
  • Powered by AC adapter (included) or 4 "AA" batteries (not included)
  • Omni directional reflective speaker projects sound from the back of unit for rich, deep sound
  • Use upright, on its back or mounted to a wall

  • Unlike other machines with computer-generated sound, ours uses the latest digital technology to create soothing sounds recorded at the source

    Additional Sound Cards (Not Included, Available in our ebay store)
  • Rhythms of the Sea: Crashing Waves, Gentle Surf, Caribbean Surf, Ocean Breeze, Ocean Rain, Harbor Swell
  • Sounds for Sleep: Fan, Night Train, Country Highway, Airplane, Air Conditioner, Vacuum, Cleaner
  • Wilderness Journey: Thunderstorm, Loons, Windstorm, Forest Rain, Waterfall, Bonfire  
  • Tropical Rain Forest: Tropical Rain, Jungle Stream, Surf with Birds, Waterfall, Amazon Lagoon, Tropical Storm
  • White Noise: White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise, Gray Noise, White Rain, White Stream
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